About us

Our Mission at Ticker ART studio is to foster A DYNAMIC COMMUNITY OF LOCAL MAKERS AND ARTISTS working under the same roof where they can create, showcase their work and engage with the public. We aim to cultivate an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity and learning, while providing a platform for individuals to showcase and sell their unique wares and connect with their audience.

Ticker Studio is curated by Nikki and Lucy, two local Artists, Mums and passionate
community Members.  We possess a strong interest in the arts, crafts, education,
and community involvement, and are committed to cultivating, enriching, and
nurturing the incredible local creative scene.

As part of the Ticker studio, we will have a small artisan shop selling handmade
wares, individual studio spaces for rent and a workshop space available for hire.
Our goal is to offer a variety of programs, including after-school classes and
showcase nights. These events will provide an opportunity for our community to
engage with artists and makers.

Please contact us to make a time to see the space.
Lucy and Nikki

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