Ticker is temporarily closed following fire damage. We will update here and on social media as we know more.

Studios, Shopping and classes

Ticker Studios is a vibrant creative hub located in Belgrave, just a stone's throw away from the beloved Puffing Billy Railway.

Our doors are open from Thursday to Sunday, welcoming visitors from 10 am to 5 pm.

This gives ample opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore our diverse offerings and engage with the creative energy flowing through Ticker Studios

  • Resident Artists

    One of the key highlights of Ticker Studios is the presence of working artist
    studios. These studios serve as a sanctuary for artists to hone their craft and
    create their masterpieces. The studios provide a dedicated space where artists
    can freely express their creativity and immerse themselves in the artistic

  • Retail and Gallery

    In addition to the working artist studios, Ticker Studios also features a unique
    shop where artists can showcase and sell their artwork. This creates a dynamic
    space where visitors can browse and purchase a wide range of creative works,
    directly supporting local artists. From paintings and sculptures to jewelry and
    textiles, the shop offers a delightful array of artistic treasures.

  • Workshops

    Ticker Studios provides a workshop space that serves as a hub for artistic
    exploration and learning. This versatile space hosts various workshops and
    classes, allowing individuals to discover and enhance their own artistic
    abilities. Whether it's a painting workshop, a jewellery class, or a mosaic session, the workshop space provides opportunities for artistic growth and
    community engagement.

Contact Lucy and Nikki for more details